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About this Garden Plan

10 meters long under cover from bird / white butterfly has 30% sun mesh on top, sides 10sq wire mesh .6 raised beds in this area, 1bed 6meters x .800 , 1 bed 2meters x 1meter, 1 bed 2.4 meters x 900, 1 bed 1.8 meters x .800, 1 bed 2.5meters x .800 meter. outside of this area 1 bed 6 meters x .900.this is against the wire dividing the first 6 beds. opposite side against brick wall 6 meters x .800.part shade has morning full sun, afternoon shaded

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Australia
Garden Size: 10.00m x 10.00m
Garden Type: Backyard / back garden
Garden Layout: Raised Beds
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: Good soil

Plan Notes

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Beans (Dwarf) 125cm15cm x 35cm 
Beetroot 1715cm10cm x 20cm 
Bok Choi 420cm20cm x 25cm 
Broccoli (Green) 245cm45cm x 45cm 
Broccoli (Purple Sprouting) 260cm60cm x 60cm 
Cabbage (Chinese) 240cm30cm x 60cm 
Capsicum 435cm30cm x 40cm 
Carrot 2710cm10cm x 15cm 
Cauliflower 450cm45cm x 60cm 
Chives 420cm15cm x 25cm 
Cucumber 260cm60cm x 60cm 
Eggplant 640cm35cm x 45cm 
Fennel 630cm25cm x 35cm 
Kale 440cm35cm x 45cm 
Lettuce (Headed) 825cm20cm x 30cm 
Lettuce (Loose Leaf) 1010cm10cm x 15cm 
Onion (Autumn planted) 1215cm15cm x 25cm 
Onion (Spring planted) 1615cm10cm x 20cm 
Onions (Perennial) 815cm15cm x 15cm 
Oregano 120cm15cm x 25cm 
Parsnip 1220cm20cm x 30cm 
Sage 530cm30cm x 40cm 
Silver Beet 335cm30cm x 40cm 
Spinach 220cm15cm x 30cm 
Spring Onion 1610cm10cm x 10cm 
Strawberry 1950cm45cm x 60cm 
Swede 325cm20cm x 40cm 
Tansy 145cm40cm x 90cm 
Tatsoi 220cm20cm x 20cm 
Thyme 130cm30cm x 40cm 
Turnip 520cm15cm x 30cm 

Planting Times

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